Tent ministry interview (The Canon podcast 2020)

Interview with Wayne Lyons and Dr Wayne Gwilliam on the evangelistic tent ministry travelling around rural Australia. Speaking about their ministry, their travels and their quite incredible testimonies.


Overcoming Obstacles (2020)

by Dr Wayne Lyons (Author)

This book is aimed at teaching and imparting to the body of Christ a heart of determination to overcome the obstacles that rise against us. This earth, in its current state, is only our temporary residence. Our true home is found in the fullness of God’s presence in heaven, which is in the future full manifestation of the Kingdom of God on this earth. In the meantime, I believe God wants us to be overcomers, not just survivors. He wants us to have an overcoming mentality, not a survivor mentality. This book is aimed at encouraging people to find a relationship with God that brings us to a point of victorious Christian living for the cause of Christ, and to let us overcome every obstacle that comes against us in the power of His Might. And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death - Revelation 12:11.

The Healing of the Soul (2020)

by Dr Wayne Lyons (Author)

This book contains twelve chapters dealing with different aspects of the soul. Man is a spirit who lives in a body who possess a soul, in other words man is a three part being. When one is born again or born of God’s spirit you are saved and empowered to live a victorious Christian life. The soul (the mind) now needs to be renewed according to the truth of the reborn man, the new creation. This miracle happens in the heart of man through Christ when one turns in repentance to God. The soul, or mind, is both spiritual and physical - in other words, we have a physical soul called the brain, and a spiritual soul connected to our spirit. The physical soul relates to the natural world around us, and the spiritual soul has the ability to relate to the unseen world to God or the spirit world. Our Spirit is reconnected to God when we are born again and our soul then needs to be renewed through the ingrafted word of God, which is found in the supernatural book called the Bible.This book has the keys to help renew the mind to God’s way of thinking. Through this renewal you can ultimately find blessing and favor and the disfunction and evil thoughts in the mind of man can be transformed to be virus free. According to the Bible as we do this great wisdom, revelation, and blessing will flow from God to us.This book will examine and help you to find freedom in the areas of your mind that need renewal. Let the chains of bondage be broken off in Jesus name.

Matters of the Heart (2020)

by Dr Wayne Lyons (Author)

This book was birthed out of wanting to understand and grow closer to God. God is love, so the title "Matters of the Heart" is a series of sermons compiled together. The Bible tells us that the greatest thing we should pursue is the love of God. God is love, he shed love abroad in the believer's heart, so it would make complete sense to pursue God's love. It is my prayer and hope for those who read this book that God would shed abroad in your heart His incredible love and that you would know His love in fullness. This love is supernatural, and it passes natural knowledge. May our loving God reveal to you supernaturally His overpowering love.

Spiritual Gifts and the Anointing (2007)

by Dr Wayne Lyons (Author)

The understanding of Spiritual Gifts and the Anointing is an important subject for the Church today. This book is a practical and biblical approach to this subject, looking through the eyes of Scripture and practical Holy Spirit relationship and experience. God's method of advancing His Kingdom and building His church is through the power of the Holy Spirit. If His presence does not go with us, we cannot go. It's not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit says the Lord.

This book will explore such issues as the human spirit, soul and body; and look at the difference between spiritual gifts, motivational gifts and ascension gifts. You will discover the gateway to God's presence and power and learn how to flow in His anointing.